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    Great Kitchen Helper
    An automatic food vacuum sealer can keep the freshness of fruits, nuts, meat, sweets, and vegetables, preventing foods from getting freezer burned, molded, and spoiled reducing spoilage and food waste keeps food fresh up to 2x longer.

    Easy to Operate
    One-touch vacuum sealing system - Just add whatever food you wish to preserve into the bag, insert the open end into the machine, close the lid, press the "vacuum and seal" button, and the machine takes care of the rest—removing all of the air, creating an airtight seal, and stopping automatically once the seal is completed

    Compact Design
    With a hidden hook design, the vacuum sealer barely takes up any room in the kitchen to store. Waterproof bottom shell, external exhaust, low noise design, upgraded sealing rubber pad to prevent air leakage, making use safe and comfortable.

    Widely Applications
    Not just for food savers, it can be used to store liquids and creams when you travel, protect important papers or photographs from mildew or possible water damage, create your own refreezable ice packs, and much more.

    5 Levels of Security Protection
    Over-pressure, lack-pressure, empty plumping protection, inverter, and voltage recognition. Bonus:10 BPA FREE vacuum bags (17x25cm) are included for your convenience and enjoyment.


    • The food sealer produces great suction power of 60kPa to extract all air from the bag, ensuring the freshness of food over 8X longer time. This vacuum sealer not only preserves the food taste fresh, and flavorful but also protects your valuables
    • Multi-layer material heat seals to keep air out and prevent freezer burn reduce spoilage and food waste
    • It can work continuously about 20 times without damaging the machine
    • And cooking and meal preparation will become easier, more economical, and faster. The elegant, flat shape fits your workbench and is easy to clean.


    • With Vacuum Bag: Yes
    • Vacuum: -60kqa
    • Type: Stand / Table
    • Size: 370 * 70 * 52mm
    • Power Source: Electric
    • High-speed motor: 7000(R)
    • Color: Black
    • Bag size: 250 * 170mm


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