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    Get steam-pressed clothes in less than 2 mins with Handy Portable Steamer
    The Portable Steam Iron is safe to use on many types of materials. It steams out unwanted garment wrinkles and deodorizes your garments at the same time. Forget about spending a fortune on dry cleaning or the hassle of the iron board. It is small and compact to be a perfect gadget to bring on your travels. Save big bucks and have neat wrinkle-free clothes all the time. 

    Unique Design
    The 800 W Steamer for clothes produces powerful steam. Unlike many steamers that spray water, this Steam Iron Buddy emits a fine hot mist that effectively irons out your garment wrinkles. It also has a feet power cord for easy use while you operate the Steam Iron Buddy.


    • Ironing at a constant temperature of 150°C can easily penetrate the fibers in the clothes, soften them, and quickly restore the straight and neat appearance of the clothes.

    • The ironing board adopts a pointed front-end design, and the large panel covers more area for ironing, while not neglecting the subtle parts such as the collar and the button room.

    • With a dry and wet ironing combination design, you can choose the suitable modes for your different needs.

    • With a one-piece water tank design, this steam iron is equipped with a 60ML large water tank, which is convenient for replenishing water. You can also pay attention to the water condition of the tanks at any time, making them safer to use.

    • Portable in size and easy to carry, you can use it in your home or put it into your trunk to use in your travel.

    • Fast preheating can heat up and keep the panel at a constant temperature. After preheating, water mist can be produced with one button, saving you time.


    • Plug: EU plug, USA plug (optional)

    • Tanks capacity: 60ML

    • Power cord length: 1400mm

    • Package size: 250 * 90 * 90mm / 9.8 * 3.5 * 3.5in

    • Package weight: 400g / 0.9lb

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